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Water Dispensers

Water Dispenser

Benlen Pte Ltd, your water purification specialist, offers a complete range of instant auto refill type hot and cold floor standing / wall mounted water dispensers and water coolers. We provide water purifier system and water filtration system for your HDB flat, condominium, private apartment, industrial factory, commercial shop house or office in Singapore.

We also provide services that include supply, repair, installation and maintenance of vital water energy systems, direct piping instant hot and cold water dispensers, water filters accessories.

FRIGCOL Hot and Cold Water Dispensers:

  • Auto Temperature Control
  • Stainless Steel Housing
  • Hermetically Sealed Fan System
  • High Efficiency Compress Motor

Water Cooler-FGL 28C / FGL 38C (Wall Mounted/Free Standing)

Hot & Cold Water Dispenser FGL 282HC/FGL 393HC (Wall Mounted/Free Standing)

Wall Mounted Water Dispenser WA 601/602 (Hot/Cold)

Water Mounted Water Dispenser FGL 105/125/ WB 60/ 80 (Hot, Hot & Cold)

WA-650UD/ WA-600UD

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